Pam enlightened joy, and a re-excitement toward learning and reading that had been injured in my son. She was so supportive and informative in the steps to take to help him on his road to success with his gift of dyslexia and kept him accountable in an encouraging way. He went from saying he was “stupid”, to saying “he had a superpower” and developing an understanding that the challenges he faced were ones he could succeed at and master. He knew this “super power” required a strong work ethic and he was dedicated to honoring it. Pam has a unique quality to keep a child on task while keeping the learning process enjoyable. I am forever indebted to her for what she has provided my child and he is forever connected to her as a mentor and great friend


-Cynthia Hannah




            Our son’s second grade year started with high hopes for excellent academics and new friends as we had just moved from a homeschooling situation in the bush of Africa. Ellison did fine there, as did our older three children. As his year progressed, notes began coming home. His early marks showed him at a low 1st grade level or late KDG level. I was shocked. He is very bright, imaginative, and loves creative outdoor play. He’s not a fan of reading, but what boy is? He started an extra enrichment reading class at school but by Thanksgiving, he was falling off the charts and I was worried. Through the recommendation of a friend, we found Pam Douglas. She connected by email and was willing to see us. I sent her all Ellison’s background paperwork and a family history. We met the evening before Ellison’s screening. She was very knowledgeable and answered all my husband and my questions. Together we suspected dyslexia. When she met with Ellison, he was very skeptical and scared. She was very engaging and sweet, positive and affirming. I sat with them and saw the proof as Ellison went through her exercises. She then, wrote a very informative report of over 20 pages with his history, school work samples, results of her evaluation, and very helpful suggestions for us as parents, and for his teachers at school. These recommendations were not “now” specific but are something that will be a resource to us as the years pass and we continue to see how dyslexia shapes his education.


          After looking in many different place and knocking on doors, we had no answers. When we met with Pam, the picture became clear. WE are so grateful for the clarity she gave us. This will really help us as we seek to find the best learning situations for our son.


-Emily Deuck



     Pam Douglas has superseded my hopes or expectations with my daughter. I sought public school testing and psychologists to try and discover why my daughter was having such difficulty reading. But to my great frustration, there were never any answers or solutions given. It was not until I came into contact with Pam, and my daughter’s struggle was brought to light.  She has severe dyslexia. At this time there is not enough insight or programs offered to children who struggle with dyslexia in Sonoma County. So, when Pam began working with my daughter, it was an absolute game changer. She truly knows not only the educational aspect of what my child needs, but she has a way of connecting that has brought such a joy back to learning which was completely void in my child’s education. I have watched my daughter struggle from despair and frustration as her dyslexia was so severe, but with Pam’s patient tutelage, she has learned how to overcome these obstacles that has kept her from reading and she is happy again! I could never say enough or express how appreciative I am. Pam Douglas has changed our lives and we are forever grateful for her.


-Heidi King

Kaelyn said to me today that whenever she looks at a word now she can't help but "read it".  This is a huge breakthrough!!  We are so thankful to have Pamela in our lives.

_Kelly Stedry