Pam Douglas

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            In 1991, I married my amazing husband, Dave, who has struggled with dyslexia all his life. He really never knew he had dyslexia until he met me: he just thought he wasn't very smart. It has been a privilege to be his wife of 30 years and to learn from him the struggles of dyslexia, as well as the amazing gifts that God has created in his type of brain.

           I am a mother to three beautiful children: Brandon (27), Brittany (25), and Brooke (22). Brandon and Brittany are my first two children who struggled with reading starting in preschool. During Kindergarten and first grade in a private school, we could see Brandon struggling with reading, spelling, writing, & math, but the teachers communicated that he was just a little slower, and that he would eventually catch up.  Knowing something was not quite right, we held him back in first grade.  We also decided to home-school. Brittany was in kindergarten and also began to struggle with reading. We were puzzled at the difficulties they were having, knowing that they were smart, We researched dyslexia and found our answers.  We learned, since  homeschooling my dyslexic children, how this learning challenge hinders the ability to effectively absorb language in the traditional way.  They cannot learn in the same way the average student learns to read, write, & spell.  The dyslexic brain is physiologically wired differently, and although every dyslexic child struggles in a different way, universally reading, writing, or spelling are a challenge in some form.  It hasn't been an easy road and I struggled many days, but schooling my children was a privilege to thoroughly understand the gift of dyslexia.  

                 I am also a Registered Nurse, with a specialty in Pediatrics. Working in pediatrics on and off since graduating in 1992 has taught me to thoroughly understand the health needs of children.  My biggest passion is for children to take care of themselves, to treat their bodies with respect, to eat healthy, and to exercise regularly. Teaching a child with dyslexia to take detailed care of their body is an important part of learning how to function well in the academic world.  I have worked with many special needs kids and it’s always an amazing reminder of what a blessing it is to have a healthy body.  Neurologically, dyslexic children struggle because their brains are simply formed differently in the language area; it’s not wrong or right, just different.  Learning becomes a challenge because the brain’s processing and memory areas function differently.  Because these brains are created different, dyslexic kids feel unusual and most likely stupid.  But neurologically, they are far from stupid, with many creative gifts that average brains do not have. Here is some famous dyslexic people. Having studied the detailed development of the human body, these brains are fascinating and amazing, and the goal is to empower a dyslexic child to feel they are special in an enriching way, and to ultimately take great care of the body and brain they are blessed with, hence the formation of the name, Delightfully Dyslexic.

                During the 2020 Pandemic and closure of schools, I decided it was a good time to increase my knowIedge of education by obtaining my Master Degree in Education, in Advanced Studies and a focus on Literacy and Curriculum Leadership and Online Teaching and Learning. While tutoring completely online and having more time,  it seemed the ideal time frame to tackle this challenge.  I completed my M.Ed in August 2021.  In June of 2014, I was certified to screen all ages for dyslexia.   I was certified in the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching in 2005 and taught my kids with this method for 10 years.  I have also been tutoring with the OG method (more about this method go here. and a mixture 3 different curriculums for effectiveness, since September 2014.  (I use the Barton System, go here,  , Spell to Write and Read, and All About Learning).   I also use the method of Structured Word Inquiry with older students.   And last, I was certified in 2019 to be an Dyslexic Advocate for any family trying to get the help they need and navigate the public school system.  I have a passion to help dyslexic children overcome their struggle of reading, spelling, writing, math and language comprehension, and to acquire tools to help them through life.  I am challenged, as well as enthusiastic for this opportunity to assist these amazing kids.  If you have a struggling child or know of one, please contact me with questions or more information; I would love the opportunity to help you through your journey.

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